Boaz for me

One of the most enduring stories about virtue, love, and compassion is told in the Old Testament from the Book of Ruth. The love that Boaz had for Ruth could not compare to the love of Romeo and Juliet in my opinion. It teaches what women should look for in a man if she is looking for a lasting relationship. The qualities of a man should not be based on the type of car he drives, his tax bracket or an expensive watch he owns. He qualities should center around his character, integrity, how he see’s the woman he wants to be with, and a connection he has with the Creator. In other words these are the qualities that I look for. But these were some of the many qualities that Boaz possessed.

He is kind, with love

He reads scriptures with tenacity

He serves the Creator for he knows He bled for all humankind

He is moved by her smile and gentle spirit

He appreciate how diligent she is over the work she does everyday

He is intrigued by the intensity in her eyes when she speaks

He is aware of how men may look at her, but he see’s more then they will ever know

He give her all the time she needs. He knows the virtue of her and it is a glory that he awaits

He tells her the truth.  Not what she wants to hear, but what she needs to hear

He would never deceive her to make her feel inadaquate

He knows that having her heart one day is a victory is more grand than any jewel

He loves that her friends love that she is around

Yet she is beautiful on the outside, her beauty is from within

There could never be no flower more delicate than she


Copyright 2013 Crystal S. Purifoy



Halona Blowhole-Honolulu, Hawaii


Wake up

Clean up, brush my teeth, style my hair and think of what today brings

Have my breakfast, deal with the rest of my day

Dont get perplex by the ones that didn’t have their coffee yet

Just keep moving

Dreaming, and daydreaming sometimes at my computer

Leave for home

Stuck in traffic

Someone just cut me off on the H1

I mollify

Come home

Relax, go for a run

Listen to classical music

Watch my soap opera and takes me away like calgon

Listen to the soft waves as I doze off to sleep

In between I say little prayer to you and you


Copyright 2012 Crystal S. Purifoy

Our time

What is is that we seek? Our souls wants peace, but our minds need to be nurtured. This world not only belongs to us but also to a higher power. So lets be more kinder to the gift that we have been given. Not only to the ground that we walk on, but lets be kinder to ones we share our dreams with. With that being said let’s reflect more on what our purpose is and how we make a difference. Not just for yourself but for the ones around you.

It’s cliché to say that life is short; theoretically speaking it sends so many volumes of truth to each of us. I would rather spend one hour on something that was magical than a lifetime of misery or go simply nothing. Anything on this earth can give you joy. I would like to think that the joy lives inside of us as well. I cant tell you how long it will take, but that journey is one that you need to venture and seek for yourself.

Seven Day’s

       I wrote this many years ago, just for fun and it took all but an hour to complete. Enjoy!! 
Seven Day’s- Every Woman’s Intentions


Day One -Monday

       It was colder than usual, not yet freezing. Oh so right for a fall’s day.  So I went about my business.  Saw the children playing in the streets as I slowed down. It gave me the purest hope for the future.  You left a message on my voicemail saying…”it was good talking to you the other day” Wanting to see me again. “Tickets to a play?”  I thought about it, something deep.  Soaked my day away in a hot bath.  You called back before 10pm.


Day Two-Tuesday

       Busy day at work, what else is new?  Cannot wait till it’s over. I’m so out of here by 3:30pm.  Rush to the drug store for lavender oil.  Before I could get to the door, there I see you.  You saw me.  “What a pleasure to see you”.  You said.  I felt like I was blushing like I was back in the 10th grade.  But anyway the wind was blowing too much to stand around to talk.  We went to your truck where it was warm.  We talked about our day and what could have been better. You asked me did I want to get something to eat.  “Sure…” I’ll get by truck later. Always the perfect gentlemen to me.  I drove home later that evening with a smile on my face.  Didn’t realize that I was smiling until my next-door neighbor said, “Good to see you smiling”.  Thank you.


Day Three- Wednesday

       Hump day, finally here; almost the weekend baby.  Go pay a bill and that’s it.  Oh yea I got to go get my lavender oil silly.  At home, now what,  oh what the hell? I’ll call him.  I think I made his day. I called him on his cell phone, he was still at work probably wont get off until 6pm.  It’s ok.  He said he would call me tomorrow. “Looking forward to hearing from you.”


Day Four-Thursday

       As usual another busy day, meetings, conference calls, last-minute deadlines. I long for the days of lounging. But I’m out of here by 5pm. I even worked through lunch. I’m way too hungry now.  Before I’m in the door the phone rings. It’s him!  Wanting to know if I wanted to see the play. “I would love too!” He’ll stop by around 7pm for dinner first.  Frantic! I don’t know why?  What to wear? Something sexy of course, but I want to look like a classy lady. The perfect black dress with my hair up, with the hottest red lips.  It obviously worked, cause he couldn’t take his eyes off me.  Dinner was fantastic! You had steak, I had lobster.  The play was funny, sad but worth the emotional rollercoaster.  We drove around afterward. Then you took me home.  Walked me to the door.  Stroked my face, said I was beautiful.  Wanted to see me again. Grabbed me by the neck and kissed me…


Day Five- Friday

        The whole day I thought about that kiss.  It was provocative passionate, sensual, and gentle.  Everything.  I wanted to drive to the other side of town to kiss you back. But it’s Friday, ready for the weekend, finally.  You called me on my cell and asked me what did I want to do for the night?  Hmm.  Kiss you back I said to myself.  But no I wanted to go this bar and grill downtown.  “Ok, I’ll be there around 8pm. Cool.  The place was great.  I had so much fun. I know he did too.  The D.J. played some really great reggae music, and we wined to it until 2am.Or when the bouncer told us to take that somewhere else. You drove me home after we had pancakes for breakfast.  Walked me to the door and I kissed him back, and left to go home.


Day Six-Saturday

        After working hard all week I needed to be pampered. So I went to the spa. Felt like a queen, from head to toe.  Went to my favorite store and saw a really pretty dress for half off. So yea I brought it.  Now I’m home and listening to Stevie Wonder and reading poetry by Nikki Giovanni.  Doorbell rings, it’s him!  Check my hair, fine.  “Hi!”  Kisses on the cheek, he’s holding calla lilies in his left hand.  We watch a movie and had a glass of wine, just one glass.  You go through my record collections and play Miles Davis.  You held me really close and we danced.  You smell oh so good.  You take your time no need to rush.  Kissed me all over, wouldn’t let me go… We fell asleep on the couch, the candles burned out….


Day Seven- Sunday   

    I woke up thanking God, for this man.  I never imagined getting caught up, but hey I did. I don’t know what to do. He has treated me so good. Never could I dream that a man would touch my nerve like this.  I don’t know what his plans are, but I like where he is going.  So I hear noises in the kitchen and Miles Davis is still playing.  I walk down stairs after I get cleaned up.  There you are at the kitchen with a smile on your face.  “Good Morning Sunshine!”



“…on falling for the right one.  A love escapade in just seven little days”


Copyright 2012 Crystal Purifoy