Tis the season…

Tis the season of holiday cheer, sitting around singing holiday carols and wishing for something bright and shiny across the beam. Another year is practically over and I’m wondering what have I accomplished and what have I held back from doing. Is it singing like a jazz starlet or letting my hair get caught in the wind while I surpass a wave. I have no idea, yet I’m running free still lost in my own confusion trying to put the pieces together. Is it time to do a real assessment on life and figure out what my next plan is and where it will take me. Let go of ¬†friends who only want friendship when it is convenient for them? Yet I decompress and keep moving like it’s my last. Growing pains didn’t end when puberty was over with, it’s still a process even that is scary. 10 years ago I wasn’t even thinking about the reality of what “10 years from now” would be like. I was still in my 20’s and for the most part I thought I was pretty invincible. Now 10 years from now is another reality I have to face. If the good Lord sees it fit and allow me to walk on His land, then 10 years from now will be here before I know it. To be honest I’m a little freaked out about seeing 45. Where can my life be, will there be lasting love? Children who have my laughter and faint freckles? Only time will tell. But for now I can’t sit and ponder the reality of the later and just be grateful for what I have in the present and pray for better in the future. So with that I take a humbleness and let it be the ruler of my attitude.

Tis the season of holiday cheer, gleaming smiles, and the smells of red velvet cake.

There is no feat too small or big to conquer.