Getting that old thang back




If I could go back to my 20’s and tell my self a thing or two it would have been “Stop eating out every day and do your sit-ups!” But I was living the life in Guam with my homies taking shots of vodka after work and waking up at 5am and standing in ranks at attention by 6am. I thought I was unbreakable and I would start my diet on Monday and everything would be right with the world. Well let’s say it didn’t happen that way.  I kept having fun with my friends and sometimes I partied till 6am only to find myself at a McDonald’s somewhere in Japan. Fast forward now 10 years later. The days of staying up past 10pm on a week night dont even exist anymore. Life set’s in, work, school at night, other work commitments and then you still want to have a social life but all you really have time for is the weekends and even then all you want to do is rest. Around my mid to late twenties I got really serious about my health and I came up with a plan and I stuck to it! I worked out 4-5 times a week. Which consisted of 1 hour of cardio and even 2-3 miles run. Also a mix of weight lifting. I cut out a lot of sugar from my diet and really stuck to the rule of not eating after 7pm. Needless to say I lost a lot weight, I had a ton of energy and I was down to a size 6 for the first time in my life. At that point you really couldn’t tell me anything cause I knew I was the baddest thing on the planet.  So then some 3 years later after living in the Northern Sierra Mountains, (ok actually it was Fallon, Nevada; but it’s still the same thing.) I left and came to paradise. Hawaii that is.

When I got to Hawaii I realized that food was so freaking good again! If you have ever had a Portuguese pastry then you totally understand where I’m coming from. So I was in a different place and I wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could. So I was eating whatever came my way. At the time when I first came to Hawaii I wasn’t eating any meat, mainly seafood. Even the rice was different then what I was used to when growing up. Due to a tedious work schedule it was hard to work out as much and on top of that the traffic here in Hawaii is unreal. I mean traffic in LA is terrible but Hawaii has everyone beat in the nation. Most nights I would come home and pass out on my couch by 8pm and up at 4am. I kept telling myself that I would get back in to my routine making sure that I would eat after work and so on. It didn’t go that way for the 3 years. I would get into a groove for a week or two and work out and then just stop. My attempt at being a vegetarian had failed and I gained all the weight that I lost within those first 3 years here. Not happy about it all, life does get in the way sometimes. Now two years later it’s really starting to hit me that I have to do something, cause my weight was about to get to a number that I was afraid of. For the past 6 months on and off I got into green smoothies and didnt think the idea of drinking veggies and fruit would be so great, but now it’s like apart of my life now. As far as working out is concerned now I’m back to 4-5 times a week and now my runs have increased to 4 miles 3 days a week! To me it’s how bad you want to get back in shape. I dont know if I’ll get back to my old size 6 again. It’s ok if I dont. I just dont want to be in a place where I’m failing my health again. Cause it is a life style change. Positive thinking and cleaning up your eating habits is key. Sometimes it’s ok to cheat a little and have something really decadent. Have it that day and go back to your kale and quinoa salad the next day. Or that’s would I do at least.  Even on the days that I dont work out I feel guilty but your body needs rest especially if your ran for an hour that evening before.  My goal by Christmas is lose at least 20lbs. That sounds ridiculous cause when I go home to visit my family back in the South it’s gonna be every yummy dish I have been daydreaming about for the past few months. AHHH!!! Still you must enjoy cause if you know if your only going to eat Red Velvet Cake once a year why not?

I hope this can encourage someone to get back into something that they have been away from for so long.


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