Single Life

There is something powerful about being single. Possibly that’s my own little conclusion that I came up with. Lets look at the obvious reasons.

  1. I can come home whenever I want.(Hands down the number one reason!)
  2. If I want to jet off to Bora Bora, I don’t have to worry about consulting with a significant other.
  3. Maybe I feel like having take out dinner because I can.
  4. I don’t have to pick up your stinky socks off the floor or tell you do it.
  5. So what if I didn’t make my bed up.

This list could keep going on, but the ones that are single or married or in a committed relationship can catch my drift. The thing is that it’s something that should not be in mourning. Your “status” does not define who you are or where you are headed in life. If anything it’s letting you know that you are capable of making decision entirely on your own. It’s not the end of the world either if your surrounded by working adults all day that want to talk your ear off about anything that is not relevant to your job. Coming home to peace and quite is like sweet nothings in my ear. Then your phone rings and one of friends have something so juicy to tell that you know you can’t blow them off cause hot juicy gossip is one of your guilty pleasures. The moral of this whole point is that if you are single you should embrace every aspect of it, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. If you want to learn a new hobby then you should go for it. I live in Hawaii(yea I know, how lucky) and I wish I could put the effort into learning how to paddle board, but first I need to be a stronger swimmer. If your still in search for your Prince Charming or you Cinderella chances are you may find him or her when you would at least expect it and while you are out just having a good time and enjoying your life. But in the mean time don’t have a pity party when someone tries to poop on your parade and ask you: “When are you going to settle down?” Oh I could give out a lot of responses for that one but there maybe a few not so nice four little words that could easily offend someone.

Are there other singles out there that feel the same way or maybe you could tell your own reason.




5 thoughts on “Single Life

  1. Yes sometimes I get down about being single, but more and more I see how at this phase in my life, it totally works being on my own! I love your list of good things about being unattached. Thank you for the positive message 🙂

  2. I come from a place where you are highly encouraged and sometimes even expected to be married by the time you leave college. I am no longer in school and have moved away and I get people all the time who pity me because I am not married. I am 22 and people treat me like an old maid! I tell people that I love the way my life is right now and that being single is what’s right for me at the moment. I have plenty of time to get married and I will treasure the time before marriage while I can do what I want and go where I want.

    • Trust me being in your 20’s is all about knowing who you are and having fun. Your doing the right thing by getting an education and living your life. Cause when that decade is gone all you are going to do is look back on it. My 20’s were a blast and I wouldn’t trade it in for nothing!!!

  3. Dude I partied like a rock star in my 20s and had a blast doing it. Now in my 30s I am glad to be in a committed relationship and I am happy that I had my son as well. Do I miss being by myself yeah sometimes I do just for that moment of silence or that extra 2 hours of uninterupted sleep (you know I am a sleep monster) but at the end of the day I am happy with my little family and chasing Jordan around the house keeps me young and on my toes lol. There is totally nothing wrong with being single and enjoying life!

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