Friends, everyone has them but how do you really know if they have your back? What makes a good friend? To me having a friend is the person that I can go to when I need to just release and let it all out. No judgement, no second guessing. Also a friend is the one that you want to share a good laugh with. They will see you at your worst and through all the good times. Hey, they may even old hair your back when you have had too much to drink on a Friday night! (Oops!) A good friend will also tell you the honest truth regardless if you dont agree with them and they are are willing to argue with you to make sure understand their point of view. 

In life we will make friends for different reasons. The friends you may have had in high school may not be around when you get married in your 30’s. People move around, get involved with different activities and meet new people that may introduce them to something they never thought of. It’s apart of life and this is how we evolve as human beings. I do miss some of the friendships from my past. Probably the one I miss the most are my friends from grade school. But this is life, you learn how to move on and you make new friends along the way.

I ask you what makes a really good friend? What’s the longest friendship you have had to this day? 
The two young ladies here have been my friends for almost 14 years! That’s a long friendship to have in my young adult life. I miss them a lot cause they both live on the east coast. But it’s nothing but a lot of laughter when where together!!!

Myself in the purple top, Nikkia and Ana



3 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. You damn right we laugh and drink and act a damn fool when we are together. You two are the only two I can sit down and tell my secrets too (ashame I can’t even do that with family). Love you both lots!!!!

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